7 Pot Lava Chocolate


The 7 Pot Douglah (also nicknamed 7 Pot Chocolat) is without a doubt one of the strongest peppers in the world! At maturity, it takes on a chocolate brown hue instead of the red color typical of other peppers. It is a unique pepper in color and taste if you can overcome the heat wave that will provide you once in the mouth.

What is the strength of 7 Pot Douglah?
There are few peppers stronger than 7 Pot Chocolat on the scale of Scoville. Indeed, it is close to 2 million units (1 853 986 SHU) and has a floor of nearly one million (923 889). It is 109 to 742 times stronger than the jalapeño pepper, and up to twice as strong as the Ghost Pepper. However, he is not quite at the top of the extreme like the Carolina Reaper.
Anyway, the 7 pot Chocolate is part of the top 3 strongest peppers and it is therefore recommended to take precautions when handling because contact with the skin can cause severe burns, which is why Wearing gloves to handle it is highly recommended! A small piece 7 Pot Douglah can easily spice up an entire dish (the word "pot" siginie marmitte - so a chili pepper can by its vernacular name spice up 7 dishes). The term "Douglah" means to him in Trinidad and Tobago Creole a person of mixed race of African and Indian descent.

What does the taste of 7 Pot Douglah look like?
The flavor is at once fruity with light notes of hazelnuts ... at least, before the extreme heat intervenes!



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  • Days to maturity: 70

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