Habanero Bonda ma Jacques

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Yellow, 5-7cm (1.9-2.7 inch) long, 2-3cm (0.7-1.1 inch) wide conic pod with thick wall (about 3-5mm), it takes about 60-70 days from flower to ripened pod.

This Habanero variety is very popular for his aroma.The heat is typical for habanero, about 250,000-350,000SHU. If you taste it, for first four seconds you can feel citruses with hint of sweet pineapple, similarly as Habanero Yellow. After few seconds heat will kick you in throat and burns another 1-4 minutes.

Plant is about 1 meter high and wide, with white flowers and if you provide a lot of light, plant will produce a lot. It's good to give a lot of space to him. Average germination takes 7-15 days.(With higher temperatures about 28°C or 82.4°F)

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