This extraordinary variety is the result of a cross between the " 7 Pot Jonah " an extreme pepper native to the Caribbean and the " Pimenta De Neyde ", a variety of chili whose fruits, leaves and trunk sport a unique purple color. The fruits, firm and thick-skinned, are more or less rounded and wrinkled in shape, but some may have a slightly more elongated shape. The color pattern adopted by this variety is quite peculiar, going from dark purple to orange / yellow with spots reminiscent of a burn . On the nose, the 7JPN will reveal notes of papaya while in the mouth, a fruity flavor but not exaggerated. In terms of strength, the 7JPN will be slightly above a Biquinho which will give it an estimated rating of around 50,000 on the Scoville Scale but it will happen to you without a doubt to come across some much more full-bodied specimens!


The 7JPN will delight chili collectors with the beauty of its dark plants and bright fruits. Productive and tough, this modern hybrid won't give beginners a hard time.


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