KS Texas Chocolate Bonnet


The Texas Chocolate Bonnet was created by KhangStarr in 2016.  Khang is from Texas, so the name is quite fitting.  This variety was created by crossing a Chocolate Scotch Bonnet with Khang's very own StarrRacha variety.  This resulted in two different variations, the red Crimson Bonnet and Chocolate Bonnet.  The plant can get very large and produce heavily.  The pods are above average in size to large, and some will have tails. The flavor is similar to a Chocolate Scotch Bonnet, but hotter.  When the fruits are left on the plant for too long, they change from a chocloate color to more of a redder tone.  Fruits for next generation are carefully selected based on the guildelines for desire heat level, shapes, color and flavor.

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  • Days to maturity: 100-120

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