KhangStarr Peach Pumpkin

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KhangStarr Peach Pumpkin is the newest variety to the Lemon StarrBurst family.  It was created in late 2019 by KhangStarr by crossing his KhangStarr Pumpkin yellow with a Peach StarrKist.  All members of this family origininated from crossing MOA Scotch Bonnet and Bahamian Goat.  This resulted in stunning color variations from yellow to orange and sometimes peach.

Due to earlier generations producing so few seeds, growing this out to the current F3 was quite a challenge.  The plant resembles a Peach StarrKist in growth habits, with wide spanning branches and wrinkled leaves.  They are highly productive and establish well even in hot climates.  The optimal temperature for this variety is between 75-80F.  

The fruits are stunning, look similar to KhangStarr's other pumpkin varieties, except slightly flatter, and taste amazing!  The heat in this pepper is somewhere between 150-250k SHU, a rough estimate (not tested).  It has the sweetness of a scotch bonnet and is very juicy due to the thick wall structure.  There is a beautiful, faint aroma that will remind you of a tropical fruit.

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  • Days to maturity: 120 - 150

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