Ahí limón

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Awesome pepper plant that is very hardy and productive. The plant has a sprawling habit, with most canopies being wider than they are tall. Plants kept in pots typically reach the 3-5 ft mark, while those in ground cancreach nearly 7 ft tall. Plant prefers some shade to full sun and temperatures below 90 degrees. The fruits are delicious, with a sharp bite of immediate heat, followed by a mild pepper taste, pre and then citrus tones. The walls are of a medium thinness and overall the fruits reach 2-3 inches in length . They start off a beautiful lime green and turn to a lemon yellow when fully ripe. The fruits make a remarkable salsa that is great on poultry, pork and fish . Jellies produced from this pepper are exquisite when made with mango or pineapple .

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  • Days to maturity: 75 days

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