Red Cherry Pepper


This pepper is one of several C. annuum cultivars, including the Hungarian Cherry Pepper, that can also be known as the Cherry Bomb.  They are characterized specifically by the colour and shape of the pod which are usually around 2-3 centimetres in diameter, almost spherical, with a short but strong stem, and a bright cherry red colour.  In practice, since there are a great many peppers that may go by this moniker, the heat level can vary from almost zero heat up to about twice the heat of a jalapeño.  Common to all Hot Cherry Pepper varieties, however, is a thick wall, very juicy flesh, and sweet flesh resembling the flavour of a red bell pepper only with a bit of heat. 

There are two major groups of plant growth, the first being a small (under 30 cm) plant with comparatively large leaves and more-or-less upright pod production, and the second being a somewhat larger plant (approximately 50-80 cm) with conventional leaves and a downward pod growth habit.  The smaller cultivar tends to be a lower volume producer, while the larger cultivar may produce several dozen pods over a season.  In all cases, the pods will contain numerous seeds with exceptionally high viability.  All cultivars have superior overall flavour and are favoured by those who prefer mild peppers.  They are all very well suited to stuffing with pimento cheeses, and can be served cold or grilled.  Due to their exceptionally thick walls, they lend themselves perfectly to pickling whole or sliced.  They are not well suited to drying for powders.

Gardeners with the smaller cultivar can easily triple-block their plants (plant 3 plants in one hill) with 30 centimetres between rows, while the larger cultivar should be spaced similarly to other C Annuum plantings.  Both major types tend to be somewhat sensitive to adverse weather conditions, resulting in torn leaves, damaged stalks, and lower yields.  As with other sensitive pepper varieties, some protection from high winds and hail is advised.  The larger type benefits from being staked, or grown in tomato cages.

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  • Days to maturity: 70

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