Pepper Joe Cayenne

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A much larger form of Cayenne that gets positively huge pods. Like most Cayenne it is a very good producer and I grew out several of these beautiful plants and even the littlest ones in my smallest leftover pots that I didn't think would make it even are managing to produce peppers! Despite challenges I had during the growing season these peppers proved to be quite resiliant and required very little attention from me. Naturally the most impressive thing about this plant is the size of the peppers as they easily get many times larger than any Cayenne I have ever seen so while you may not get AS many pods as a traditional Cayenne plant you will still ultimately get more for making delicious powder. One thing I noticed just from personal experience is that the plant may take a bit longer to mature than other Cayenne but that could just be personal experience.

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  • Days to maturity: 100

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