Florida Grove pepper


I think a little history may be required so you understand why this is an important pepper.

 Florida supposedly has a few types of wild peppers and the state recognizes Tabasco peppers as being a wild pepper down in a couple of counties in South Florida. Again, I've never seen one in the wild. One of these peppers is called a Grove pepper. Growing up in Central Florida in the seventies, we use see them in some of the smaller citrus groves. From my understanding, grove peppers were common throughout most of the groves in Florida. workers would snack on them while working in the hot Florida sun in the groves. 

Grove Peppers are really hard to find in the wild these days. I personally think that whatever this pepper is, it thrived only in citrus groves. It's not hard to figure out why, all Grove Peppers I saw grew in partial shade. Citrus groves provided this, with the pepper getting some mid morning or mid afternoon sun as well as some high noon sun.

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