Hot Taco

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This pepper is called a "Hot Taco". It took a couple of months for the pods to grow from buds, and an additional month for them to turn from green to red. Before turning red, they went from green to a very dark green and then to red (as can be seen in the picture of the plant). Each ripe pod is about 2 inches / 5 cm long and 1 inch / 2.5 cm wide. Upon cutting the pepper open and smelling it - it smells very much like a red bell pepper. The walls are pretty thick and there are many seeds. Regarding the taste - the first 3 seconds, it's just like a red bell pepper and then the heat kicks in - but it's a tasty heat. I'd say that the heat level is about the level of a Jalapeno - so it's more tasty than painful.

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  • Days to maturity: 90

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