Red Moruga Scorpion


Red Moruga Scorpion/Trinidad Moruga Scorpion is variety of Chinese Superhot from Trinidad and Tobago.  The Red Moruga Scorpion Plant like other Pepper Plant's can be grown in hydroponic unit's such as AeroGarden. The Red Moruga Scorpion can be trimmed down using the Fim method to reduce hight & increased growth/space.  When eating The Red Moruga Scorpion be ready to get bitten back as the pepper can reach an Avg. Scoville Unit of 1,200,000. The Red Moruga Scorpion aside From this Bite has an amazing Fruity Floral note that Can be paired with any colenry Dinner. The Moruga Scorpion can take 18 or more Days in hydropnic system to sproute from seed. Being a Super Hot The Moruga Scorpion Can Take two to three months to Fully Maturity.

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  • Days to maturity: Two/Three months

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