JT Yellow Thai

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This annuum variety was named by myself (BLee) when a friend of mine gave me a a bag of peppers. This specific strain of pepper was smuggled into the country by his grandparents from Mong China. He says his grandparents have been growing this variety every year since they were children, and stated that he has had this strain in his garden for close to 10 years. JT has no interest in the peppers world and told me to take credit for this pepper. Once I saw the plant and tasted these beautiful little pods, I knew he had something great. I named this variety JT yellow Thai because I had no right to take credit for something so special. This plant grows like a bush and produces hundreds of 1-2 inch pods that ripen from pale white to neon yellow to a final redorange.Easily one of the most productive peppers on the planet. Heat is similar to a Thai. 

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