Wenk's Yellow Hot


Named by Erris Wenk of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, this pepper is a local legend.  This heavy producing C annuum variety features medium to large white cylindrical peppers with a diameter of about 4 cm tapering to a rounded point that ripen to an orangy-red colour.  The walls are fairly thick and quite juicy, with a sweetness that develops as it ripens while its heat (which can approach cayenne level) may actually diminish with ripening.  This pepper lends itself well to pickling and canning, but many growers have reported excellent results with eating the fully ripened pods fresh.  There are numerous local dishes from Albequerque that make use of this pepper.

Since the pods are quite heavy, and the plant itself has a flexible stem, they are best grown with some strong support such as a tomato cage, or a sturdy stake.  The leaves are medium sized and a deep verdant green.  While they can be grown successfuly in high heat and full sun, in practice they benefit from some dappled shade during the peak heat ours of the day.  The pods themselves feature slightly stronger skins than many other varieties, and thus tend not to be attacked by pests if there are other options nearby.  

Seed savers can expect very high seed viability once the pods are fully ripened.

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  • Days to maturity: 85

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