Passiflora edulis 'Possum Purple'

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Nothing really compares to how delicate and gorgeous the flowers of the Passionfruit Vine are and Passiflora edulis 'Possum Purple'  is no different with its frilly purple and white edges. This beautiful flower grows on a perennial vine and does best in full sun. Passionfruit grows fast in the summer and will need a structure for it to climb on. The beautiful flowers are not the only reason to have this vine growing in the garden. It also produces a wonderful sweet and slightly tart tropical fruit. The oval fruit on this particular variety (P. edulis 'Possum Purple') are self pollinating and grow easily. It is a heavy producer and will do well with a good citrus type fertilizer. Keep in mind too high of fertilizer in nitrogen will promote a lot of leaves but at the expense of the fruit. 


Propagation can be done by taking cuttings of a mature plant and will get to fruiting stage faster than propagation by seed. Seeds take about 10 -20 days to germinate and fresh seeds are best as the shelf life is not long compared to other fruit and vegetables.

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