Golden Habanero


These Yellow-Orange coloured Habaneros are slightly hotter than their pointed Orange Habanero cousin. The Golden Habanero pods feature a distinct dimple at the bottom of a bell shaped pod. The unripe pods have a thin wall featuring a dense lactice work of pale green veins surounded by emerald green flesh. As they ripen a lemon yellow colour forms near the top and bottom, which quickly spreads and turns a transclucent orange.

The plants tend to grow in an anvil shape with a large wide crown at the top, most of the fruit and flowers form at the same height. They grow up to and over 30" high and respond well to early pruning/ topping. They are quite prolific and typically have little trouble with pollenation.

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Similar varieties

This list is based on peppers similar to Golden Habanero that maches up on tags, origin and so on.