Ruta Graveolens

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Ruta Graveolens is also known as Common Rue or Herb-of-Grace. It has bluish green leaves with a thin white coating (similar to the thin white coating on some succulents). The flowers are small and yellow. It has a slightly pungent fragrance to it. Rue's flowers, seeds, and leaves have a variety of culinary uses from European cuisine to Asian cuisine.

Rue is tolerant to dry, heavy clay soil, but grows better in moist airy soil. It prefers bright sunny places.
It is easier to propagate via cuttings than to germinate by seed. Cuttings are easiest to root in early summer when temperatures are near 75~80℉. As the stem grows older, it turns woody, similar to rosemary.

Beware of finding caterpillars of the butterfly Papilio machaon on rue. These caterpillers can consume a 1-2 foot bushy Rue plant in only 2-3 days.

Ways to kill this plant: Wet soggy soil and cold (less than 32℉) temperatures.

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