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Aji Jobito (or Aji Dulce Jobito) is an extremely rare variety from Venezuela. Most Venezuelans are not even aware of its existence, even though all of them use some Aji Dulce every day. It's a landrace from the Cumana region, east of the country. In Spanish, "Jobito" is short for "Jobo," a fruit that looks very similar in color and shape to this aji, but larger. The first geographical records of its cultivation place it in the Venezuelan town pf Marigüitar, near the Cariaco Gulf, although today is produced mainly in Cumanacoa.

The pods have an oval shape and are about 4 cm long and 3 cm wide, and it ripens from light green to orange. Its flavor is rich, complex, very aromatic, sweet and delicious. The pods are smooth and thick walled. The plants grow between 70 cm and 1 m tall.

While still green, it is used to add flavor to rich soups, and once ripe it is a main component of a local type of "sofrito," and then added to all sorts of stews. It is also consumed fresh and added to cooked rice and eggs. It is locally consumed in many fish and seafood plates, as it comes from a coastal region where fishing is a main economic activity. 

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